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Pre-caffeine tech: Volume control ... for dogs!

via Urlesque

Yesterday, we were all a dither over Amazon's Cloud Player that allows users to upload music to stream to computers and Android phones.

Today, we wonder how the record labels will try to shut it down.

If you're wondering how women really feel about their Facebook friends, your answer is here!

If you'd like to see how MIT researchers how to measure emotions with technology, your video is here!

Students, if you're trying to decide whether to pull an all-nighter, your flow chart is here.

Meanwhile, NASA needs your help picking out far-out tunes for the astronauts.

If you thought Google ads were a little too personal before, wait til Gmail rolls out ads that learn from your inbox.

Speaking of personal, your cell phone totally knows where you are ... at all times.

Speaking of inappropriate, you shouldn't sell your spare military spy drone on eBay.

If you think that's impressive, check out this dog that controls the volume of his barks ... on command!