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Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes

When Doctor Who and his sonic screwdriver return for a new season at 9 p.m. ET Saturday (April 23) on BBC America, expect a special tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, 63 who passed away on April 19. The actress, who first joined the series in the 1970s, played the Doctor's most beloved companion, reporter Sarah Jane. Sladen, who appeared in the series reboot, even got a spin-off show, "The Sarah Jane Adventures."

But if you're even a casual Whovian, you know what I'm talking about.

If you need a refresher however, YouTube's Fine Brothers are here to oblige. The (alleged) siblings have big fans over at BBC America who are impressed by their speed spoilers such as "100 scary movies in 5 minutes," "50 Book Spoilers in 4 minutes," "100 TV Spoilers" and a whole bunch more.  So with the new Dr. Who season right around the corner, BBC America asked Benny and Rafi do the same for this very seasoned show.

With 11 doctors (not including the Doctor-Donna — yeah, you heard me), a revolving door of companions, and one robot dog, there's a lot to get through. Sure, the hardcore nerd could take issue with what the boys choose to include and what they leave out. One might point out that — Aikido and gadgets aside — John Pertwee's bouffant-sporting, frilly-sleeved dandy-of-a-Doctor was more a stern Austin Powers, rather than the James Bond-type the Fines call him here.

But that's splitting hairs, really — back-combed, hair-sprayed, poofy hairs. Still ... what kind of self-respecting nerd doesn't nitpick?

The guys give Sarah Jane her proper shoutout. And if you're watching reruns until Saturday night's "Dr. Who" premiere, keep an eye out for our rising YouTube stars. The Fine Brothers are doing commercial-break plugs on BBC America, too.

I'm just so proud! *sniff*

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