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Pre-caffeine tech: Singing sculptures, Facebook flap

via Cnet

The Secret Service yanked a 13-year-old Washington kid out of class to question him about his Facebook post warning President Obama about suicide bombers.

Speaking of Facebook, Facebook email is now available to the masses.

Oh! And Twitter buttons are breaking left and right!

Speaking of the feds, Congress cordially invited Sony to explain that whole PlayStation mishegoss.

Barnes & Noble is holding a special event on May 24! There aren't exactly too many details about what the device will be like, but that won't stop any of us from speculating. (Hint: eReader?)

FYI Windows users! One of every 14 programs you download is malicious, according to Microsoft.

On the bright side, this whole Bing/Facebook social search thing seems to be working.

Plus, Toshiba's tablet-ready, glasses-free 3D display is on its way.

And the new Macbook Air arrives in July.

But check it out! This  "14-foot-tall singing Tesla sculpture" is just one of 7 awesome wonders at this year's Maker Faire!