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Average YouTube user watches five hours of video per month


Here's a statistic that'll scare you: On average, a YouTube user will spend five hours out of each month watching videos. Five hours! That's a lot of time to spend staring at funny cats, weird song covers and parody clips.

In its latest report, Internet marketing firm comScore reveals just how much of our lives we're wasting on Internet videos and the whole thing is a bit depressing.

As it turns out, "176 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in May for an average of 15.9 hours per viewer." Out of those 15.9 hours, 311 minutes — or just over five hours — were dedicated to YouTube alone. Hulu clocked about 3.5 hours of use for the month and music video service VEVO got nearly two hours of everyone's time.

We can understand how Hulu received so many eyeballs — and we wouldn't even blink had it gotten more — as it serves up a lot of full-length TV shows and movies. But YouTube and VEVO? They're mostly dishing out clips which are a few minutes in length. Are people really clicking through about a hundred short clips each month?

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