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Amish sexter busted for buggy sex invite to girl, 12

The Smoking Gun via Connorsville Police Department

Mugshot for Willard Yoder, 21.

Oh, the Amish.

Romanticized for their 19th-centry lifestyle in star vehicles for the likes of Harrison Ford and "Weird Al" Yankovic, these religion-based communities have their coke and meth dealers, puppy mill operators, and now a sexter facing four felony charges for seeking sex with a minor. Life without a 60-inch flatscreen, it seems, doesn't make you any less icky than the rest of us.

Of course, having a cellphone doesn't help. That's what Indiana's Connersville Police Department allege Willard Yoder, 21, used to send 600 texts, as well as nude photos and explicit videos to the phone of a 12-year-old girl, which was blessedly apprehended by her parents before she became overly exposed.

In fact, the girl did exactly the right thing when she received the first text sent randomly by Yoder, according to the police report posted on The Smoking Gun. She told her mom she received a text from someone she didn't know. Mom went on to investigate, texting back the unknown number in the guise of her daughter, stating repeatedly she was 13 years old (though her daughter is actually 12).

Being told he was texting with a 13-year-old didn't stop Yoder from repeatedly requesting nude photos of the adolescent, describing in graphic details the sex acts he wanted to perform with her, and sending graphic photos and videos of himself.

Popular misconceptions aside, the Amish and cellphones are not antithetical, and along with mod cons like disposable diapers and gas barbecues, convenience trumps stereotype. These days, there are Amish kids on Facebook who aren't even on Rumspringa. Cellphones are used by some to contact doctors, veternarians or suppliers, but often aren't allowed in the home. And Boy Howdy! This story sure won't change that tradition.

Arranging to meet the girl at the Takehome Restaurant in Milroy, Indiana, where Yoder texted they would have sex in his horse-drawn buggy, he arrived at the agreed upon time (via the agreed-upon horse and buggy), to meet the cops instead. Sometime before the 600 texts and picture mark, the girl's parents delivered their evidence to the police, who took over with a sting operation.

Once busted, Yoder told officers that he "realized that it was a bad decision and had never done anything like this before,"  while confessing he thought "he was going to have sex with the girl," who he believed to be 13. 

Police took Yoder into custody and contacted his parents so they could retrieve the horse and buggy, which Yoder secured behind the restaurant.

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