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You can now share your Google+ circles

Your Google+ circles — the neat groups into which you organize your friends, acquaintances, and heroes — are kept hidden from everyone else. No one gets to see whom you've put into which circle.

Until now.

Now you have the option of sharing your Google+ circles with other people.

Google engineer Owen Prater explains — in a Google+ post, of course — that you might want to share your favorite circles with friends (or strangers) to save them time and in order to "connect them with interesting people and content."

Interested? Give it a try! The whole process of sharing a circle is pretty simple, according to Prater:

From your circles page... select the circle you want, add a comment, and then share it. 

When your friends receive your circle, they can then pick and choose who to add to their own circles.

Note that when you share a circle, you're only sharing its members at that time. The circle name is always private to you, and any changes you make to your circle afterwards are private as well.

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