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How to stop Spotify from embarrassing you on Facebook


Because of Facebook's new partnerships with various music services, your friends are now able to see which songs you are listening to at any given point in time. Yes, that means they'll now know that you're lying when you claim that you've never heard a single Justin Bieber song.

Thankfully at least one of the Facebook-connected services is offering a way to prevent embarrassment.

Popular music streaming service Spotify has just updated its desktop app to offer a "Private Listening" option. Now all you have to do when you want to keep your music choices to yourself is open the "File" menu and click on "Private Listening." This will prevent people from knowing what's blaring through your headphones— until the next time you log in.

Read those last few words again — this only keeps your music choices private until the next time you log into Spotify. If you want to permanently stop people from seeing what you listen to, you'll have to hit the "Disconnect from Facebook" button instead.


Note that if you're not seeing the "Private Listening" option in Spotify's "File" menu, you might need to look for a prompt offering to update the app. It like this:


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