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Stephen Colbert pays tribute to Steve Jobs

Count on Stephen Colbert, self-professed Apple lover, to put out a sweet, funny tribute to Steve Jobs.

Yeah, Jobs was a visionary and all that, "But the thing I will miss is that no one else could make me beg quite like him," Colbert says in this almost 4-minute video, which then goes into a montage of Colbert clips pleading for the latest Apple gadget.

The iPhone is on his list of must-haves — for free of course — as is the iPad 2 ("Oh my god, I need it!"). When it comes to blatant product placement, few have the audacity of Colbert to go all out. There is no subtlety. But that's why he's so loved.

When he brings out the lime-green iMac, where he keeps his obsolete iPhones, you have to laugh. Don't you?

And who can forget his Emmy Awards presentation, when he pulls out his iPad to read the nominations?

Watch to the end of the video to see the email Jobs sent to Colbert after his Emmy stint. And then go hug your Apple products, and think of Steve.

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