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Turn yourself into a zombie or vampire using Google+


Halloween is right around the corner and odds are you're scrambling to put together a costume. Well, put down the witch hat and drop the clown nose — it's time to take a break from the real world and to give your photos a Halloween makeover.

Thanks to the Creative Kit feature found in Google+, you can vamp out or zombify your (or your friends') photos in seconds. Just upload a photo, open it on Google+, and select the "Creative Kit" option from the "Edit" menu. You'll be presented with all sorts of basic photo-editing tools — and a wonderfully enticing "Halloween" tab.

Click on that tab and you'll have options to add masks, Halloween props, accessories, face paint, textures, and most importantly: Zombie and vampire effects.

And before you even ask: No, the vampire effects do not include an option to cover everything in glitter.


The Halloween effects in the Google+ Creative Kit let you add zombie or vampire effects to photos. You can be pretty dramatic and go all out with the ghoulish effects or you can stick to subtle touches.

Beyond the vampire, zombie, and accessory effects, there are textures which can be applied to photos. They are a bit more subtle — like creepy photo filters — and take just a click to slap over an image.


For those who want to get their Google+ profiles into the Halloween spirit without becoming one of the undead, the Creative Kit offers texture effects.

But what if you're not into the whole Halloween thing at all? Then you can still use Creative Kit to tweak photos. There are options to crop, rotate, sharpen, and resize photos as well as tools to add vintage effects or text:

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