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Gallery of parks now on Google Street View


Koganei Park during cherry blossom season

On Halloween, we showed you that Google Street View takes you inside buildings, and now it gives you 360-degree glimpses of parks around the world.

As Ryan Falor, product manager for Street View explains on the Official Google Blog, "Over the past year, the Street View team, equipped with the Street View trike, traveled to 22 different countries to photograph some of the world’s most beautiful and unique parks. Starting today, you can explore the couple hundred new special collections we’ve added by visiting our gallery."

The parks that are now available on the Street View gallery are: Kensington Gardens in London, Koganei Park in Tokyo, Casa de Campo Parque in Madrid, Knuthenborg Safari Park in Denmark, Liberty Pak in Jersey City (with a great view of Lady Liberty) and High Line Park in New York.


Google Street View of High Line Park

Perhaps Central Park was too daunting of a space to put on Street View for now, or High Line Park just a slice of interesting enough for public consumption, because the unusual urban creation is even featured in a video about Street View and how this unique strip of land came to be. High Line Park puts green space in the urban jungle on an elevated freight train spur that spans 1.5 miles and cuts through Manhattan's west side. It gives city dwellers a really interesting perspective as it feels like they're walking amongst the buildings.

So for parks enthusiasts, the new Street View may be a way to plan visits ahead of time, if you're that organized. Or, it could be another venue for voyeurs to enjoy. A quick jaunt around of these parks don't show anyone in compromising positions, but we wouldn't be surprised if something turns up sometime. 

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