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Can't 'Occupy Wall Street?' Viral video says 'occupy the mail'

Are you a disgruntled member of the 99 percent who would like to protest economic inequality but you just don't live within bicycling distances of the ongoing "Occupy" demonstrations held in more than 600 communities in the U.S. ... or you just hate the smell of drum circles?

"If you can’t Occupy Wall Street, you can at least keep Wall Street occupied."

That's the suggestion of Artie Moffa, the well-spoken, sepia-attired young man in the video above. The San Francisco poet has taken to our virtual town square to share via YouTube an idea that will both get your disaffection across to the major banking institutions and rid you of your junk mail. Well, not the catalogs full of crap you cannot afford, but those non-stop credit card offers, which — as this guy points out — "are from the same financial institutions that ruined our economy by speculating on the housing market."

His suggestion? Simply return the enclosed postage-paid envelopes empty, with a pre-printed message, a wood shim or optimally, a roofing tile. It will indeed jack up the postage these financial institutions will have to pay to the United States Postal Service (which could use the money, I might add), but more importantly, it'll get the attention of those institutions too big to fail.  

"Think about the scene in the mail room at a big bank when they get a few dozen roofing shingles, a few hundred wood shims and a few thousand empty envelopes" Moffa says in the video, which now has almost 441,000 views. "They're probably going to have a meeting about it, and that's the point of this."

In a follow-up video posted on Monday, Moffa urges those getting a laugh at his now-viral video to follow through — but don't over do it. No "rabid alligators" or "bowling balls," that's overkill. And "don't be a wimp," the bank isn't going to track your envelope. Moffa also states several times that getting out there is still important. "Don't call this an alternate protest," he says.

Stay tuned to Moffa's YouTube channel, as he promises more videos coming soon.

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