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Poorsquare declares 'I am the 99%. Show me some freebies!'


If you've used location-based social networking service Foursquare for a while, you may have noticed that there are occasionally great deals which can be unlocked by checking into a location. Most of the time those deals come in the form of a small discount or a bonus item with purchase, but sometimes they're complete freebies.

Yes, sometimes you can really get something for nothing. (Assuming that the effort required to open the Foursquare app on your mobile device and check into a location counts as "nothing," of course.)

So where are those freebies hiding? Poorsquare will show you.

The website currently covers only New York City locations — though support for over 100 U.S. cities is supposedly coming soon — and it's simple to use. All you do is select the area you're heading to, pick which sort of deal you're looking for (a freebie, a freebie with a purchase, or a discount), decide whether you want something that requires only one check-in (or several), and share if you're the only one looking to snatch up the deal or whether there's an army of friends tagging along.

A quick click of the "I am the 99%. Show me some freebies!" button and you're on your way.

Now, I know that at least one person out there is currently shouting "Woah! Hang on! What 99 percent am I supposedly a part of? What is this button saying?" and that's alright. Here's the deal: Poorsquare's most important button plays on the slogan of Occupy Wall Street, an ongoing series of demonstrations protesting social and economic inequalities (among other things). Simply using Poorsquare doesn't align you with the protestors or anything like that — the button's just there for tickles and giggles, capisce?

Now, while the button's a joke and you don't need to join a protest in order to get some freebies, you do need to use both the Foursquare app on a mobile device of your choice as well as the Poorsquare site (on either your computer or a mobile device). I know it's strange that you have to use two separate products like that, but a deal's a deal.

Deals you might see include free games of foosball upon checking into a burger place, a mystery shot when you walk into a pub for the first time, a free beer for every fifth check-in at a tavern, a free fried pickle on your second visit to a chain restaurant, two bucks off a drink at a tea house, and so on. Some of the deals are great, some are weird — but they're all easy to find, ranked by value, and include Google Maps directions.

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