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Twitter users shamed for whiny Christmas tweets


While Christmas may be over, the fuzzy-wuzzy feelings we got as we watched our loved ones joyfully unwrap carefully selected presents will last well into the next year. Unless, of course, our loved ones happen to be ungrateful brats — like the Twitter users exposed by a comedy writer.

You see, funny guy Jon Hendren — who is known as @fart on Twitter — spent a portion of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day retweeting folks who complained about the things they didn't get from Santa this year.

Some whined that they received the wrong color iPhones, others declared Christmas to be ruined because they didn't get cars, and someone even announced that she would move out of her parents' home if the right gift wasn't waiting downstairs.

Why'd Hendren compile these tweets? Was he aiming for a social commentary about the consumerism-driven society we live in? Was he doing research for a funny article?

No, he was just bored, as Hendren explained to TechCrunch

“I was visiting with my family,” says Hendren on the impetus behind his critique. "They'd all gone to bed somewhat early on Christmas Eve night, and I was lying awake playing with Twitter's search function on my iPhone (oddly enough)."

You can check out a selection of Hendren's tweets in the video below, and plenty more if you take a peek at his Twitter account (but be careful, because some of the language in those tweets isn't exactly mild).

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