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YouTube video is SOPA/PIPA protest hit

Set to the music of Don McLean's "American Pie" ("...the day the music died"), "The Day the LOLcats Died" from LaughPong is one hilarious but sobering howl of a video, especially on a day where websites from Wikipedia to Wired are blacked out:

... Along came SOPA/PIPA ...
the Internet's very own grim reaper ...
Users could not edit ...
Ars Technica and Reddit.

Tumblr, Gawker, Hacker News, and
Something Awful sang the blues,
and every log-in was refused,
the day the LOLcats died.

Why, why are laws a thing you can buy?
They got paid off, should be laid off, re-election denied
Our web means more than lawyers, lobbies and lies
So speak up before the Internet dies.

(Msnbc.com is a joint venture of Microsoft and Comcast/NBC Universal. Microsoft publicly opposes SOPA in its current form, while Comcast/NBC Universal is listed as a supporter of SOPA on the House Judiciary Committee website.)

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