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Facebook 'Timeline Remove' only removes it for you


If you're still unhappy about Facebook's Timeline —  and a lot of people are— you might be tempted to use a Web browser add-on that takes Timeline away, so that you never see it on your Facebook page. Problem is, everyone else will still see it unless they're using the same add-on.


Timeline Remove works with Firefox and Chrome Web browsers; versions of it for Internet Explorer and Safari are "in progress," says Timeline Remove on its site.

All Facebooknotes that Timeline Remove fails "to address one of the most prominent gripes of the anti-Timeline crowd — so the plug-in’s only purpose seems to be allowing its users to see their own profiles in the previous Facebook layout."

Among its features, Timeline gives you a big, honkin' letterbox-size photo and a deep history of your life by year, things that many people don't want to show.

Graham Cluley, Sophos' senior technology consultant, has advised Facebook usersthat "If nothing else, use this (Timeline) opportunity to re-evaluate what you share online, spring clean your Facebook account and online friend relationships, and ensure that you are only sharing what you want to share, with who you want to share it with."

If seeing your old Facebook page makes you happy, Timeline Remove will work for you. But if you care about what other people see — and most of us do — on the social network, Timeline Remove won't remove the "pane" of change from your page.

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