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It's a man's world on Google+: report


Gender gap on G+.

A new report shows that Google+ is a man's world, with two-thirds of the social network's population falling into the XY chromosome camp. G-plusers also tend to be students, single and residents of the U.S. or India.

Website-Monitoring compiled the data, which included a sample of almost 44 million G+ users and revealed the gender gap that gives men 67 percent of about 90 million members (though one G+ tracker predicts it'll hit 100 million by Feb. 25). In contrast, about 58 percent of Facebook's 845 million monthly active users are women (according to a Pew report that came out last summer).

A sample of about 7 million users showed that 42 percent were single, while 27 percent were married. But if you add in those who said they were in a relationship, couples outnumbered singles 46 percent to 42.

Students dominate the occupation category, with 20 percent of 2.4 million users identifying themselves as such. Way, way down in second and third places are software engineers at 2.6 percent and consultants at almost 2 percent. 

The top 10 cities of G+ users are in two countries, the U.S. and India, with Bangalore in first place with 3.8 percent of a 2.6 million sample, followed close behind by New York at 3.6 percent.

But the U.S. still pulls ahead overall, with almost 32 percent of 11.4 million users in this sample. 

Since its debut in June 2011, G+ has broken user rates left and right, growing fast and furious, especially after its buzz-building, invitation-only status led to open sign-ups — but has also experienced significant dips in activity, too.

Some predict it'll hit 200 million by the fall, while others think it may go as high as 400 million. Some things G+recently did may help it reach those lofty goals: Opening up to teens, hangouts with POTUS and allowing aliases.

Here is the complete infographic Website-Monitoring put together:


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